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Dealing with fatal accident at work compensation claims.

Dealing with fatal accident at work compensation claims

If you lose a loved one through a fatal accident at work and the employer is found liable, then the process of claiming compensation can be complex not to mention very distressing. Obtaining professional advice is crucial and there are a number of things to consider. These include:

Pain suffered before death – if your loved one was not immediately killed but died later after a period of time in hospital, then you may be entitled to compensation for the pain that was suffered as well as any other losses incurred before death,

Bereavement loss – this is the sum that will be paid for the loss of your loved one and is normally shared between the surviving partner and any children.

Dependency loss – this is the compensation that is payable for the financial contribution made by your loved one. This is payable to the surviving partner and children typically when they are 18 years old. Some of this compensation money can be used by the surviving partner on the children’s behalf. Solicitors will normally be under a duty to ensure that monies which are payable to any children are retained in the court fund office until the children reach 18 years of age

Funeral costs – compensation for the costs of the funeral can also be claimed and this is usually through a fixed sum.

These are just some of the considerations and, depending on how your loved one died, there may be other factors that need to be looked at as well. If you have lost a loved one through an accident at work and need professional advice about compensation and how to make a claim, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

AT HS Lawyers we have experienced personal injury solicitors who can guide you through the entire process of a making a claim for an accident that occurred at work. If you or anyone you know have been involved in an accident at work and would like to get advice you can call our personal injury solicitor based in Birmingham , Wolverhampton or Peterborough. You can also give us a ring and speak t us directly on 0121 525 2555 /3100.