How to find the right solicitor or conveyancer

How to find the right solicitor or conveyancer


If you are buying or selling a property, you will need a good solicitor or conveyancer to handle all of the legal aspects of the transaction. The right solicitor or conveyancer will make sure that you are kept up to date as to where you are in the process, and can support and advise you throughout what can be an incredibly frustrating and stressful time. Here we answer a few of your most pressing questions about how to choose the best property solicitor or the best property conveyancer.


What’s the difference between a property solicitor and a conveyancer?


When you put an offer in on a property, the first thing you will be asked is the name and details of your chosen solicitor or licensed conveyancer. But what is the difference between the two?


Solicitors are fully qualified lawyers who can offer a wide range of legal services, that in the event of a dispute, could include taking legal action in a court of law. Licensed conveyancers only specialise in property services and should you end up requiring further legal support, they do not offer the same wide range of skills as a solicitor. Generally speaking, solicitors can charge a little more than licensed conveyancers, as they do tend to have more qualifications and a wider range of knowledge.


Licensed conveyancers are property transaction specialists, and as such are well equipped to deal with all property-related matters, such as handling contracts, giving legal advice, carrying out local council searches and dealing with the Land Registry quickly and efficiently.


It is not a case of one being better than the other, but rather of finding the best choice for your personal situation.


Why do I need a property specialist?


The buying and selling of property can be a difficult and frustrating business, and there are almost always unforeseen setbacks along the way. These can be large or small and may include one of the following:


* you don’t know what’s going on – nothing is worse or more stressful than that feeling that you’re out of the loop and that your estate agent is being consistently uncommunicative

* the seller drops out – this can be incredibly frustrating and quite costly, depending on how far down the line you are

* you are gazumped – this is when another party offers more money than the offer that you’ve already had accepted

* costs rising when you’re already in a chain, leaving you to decide whether you actually want to continue with the transaction


A dedicated property solicitor or licensed conveyancer can help you with all of these situations, keeping you up-to-date and fully informed as to your options in each situation. Sometimes it makes a world of difference just knowing that someone is 100% on your side and fighting in your corner.


Finding the right property specialist


Your estate agent might be willing to recommend a solicitor or conveyancer to help you with your property transaction, but 99 times out of a 100, they are on a commission and their good word has basically been bought.


Before choosing the property professional that’s right for you, make sure that they have a good reputation for diligence and efficiency when it comes to paperwork and communication. You absolutely need someone who will keep you informed at all times and who is easy to contact whenever you need help, reassurance or support. A communicative solicitor or conveyancer makes everything much less stressful.


You should also make sure that they are listed in either the Law Society or the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.  Here at HS Lawyers we are specialist in residential conveyancing and have over twenty years of experience. We have a team of experts and Licensed Conveyancers who are based in our Birmingham , Wolverhampton and Peterborough offices who have wealth of experience in both buying and selling of properties. If you are looking for a property solicitor is in birmingham ,HS Lawyers are well known property solicitors in birmingham , Wolverhampton and Peterborough. Our team prides in providing a friendly, approachable and highly efficient conveyancing service.

We offer a range of residential property services which include :

  • Buying and selling of both freehold and leasehold property
  • Re-mortgages
  • Transfer of ownership / equity release
  • Auction property conveyancing
  • Buy-to-let property purchases
  • Conveyancing for repossessed property
  • Transfer of equity
  • Shared ownership
  • New build


So if you are looking for a property solicitor  in birmingham with experience of the local area or a licensed conveyancer, HS Lawyers have all that you need.  Accredited by The Law Society, our Conveyancers and property solicitors in Birmingham , Wolverhampton and Peterborough are committed to providing excellent level of service. Our Conveyancers also prepare and review Auction Packs, as well as provide Auction property conveyancing services.

We also offer wide range of services and have considerable experience in dealing with commercial property matters. More information on our commercial property services can be found commercial property .

Since inception we have helped a large number of people who needed help in buy-in or selling their property. We cover a wide range of property services to find out more you can always contact our property solicitors in birmingham, wolverhampton or peterborough by calling us, we would be more than happy to help.


If you are looking for a property solicitor or conveyancer in birmingham, wolverhampton or peterborough feel free to contact us by filling the contact us form or Call us today on 0121 525 2555.