make a claim for loss of earnings

How to work out loss of earnings when involved in an accident.


How do you work out loss of earnings if you have been injured in a road accident?


If you need to make a claim for loss of earnings due to an injury you have sustained in a road accident, then there is a specific process that needs to be followed. The process will be different depending on whether you’re an employee or self-employed.




For employees, there will be a requirement to produce payslips for a set period of time (usually 3 months) prior to your accident to illustrate your typical earnings. This can sometimes be complicated by the opportunities for overtime that you might have missed and in cases like this you need to prove that overtime would have been available and that before your accident that you can also prove that you previously did overtime.


When it comes to calculating your loss of earnings the court will look at your net monthly wage for a minimum of 3 months before your accident, work out the average, and then multiply that by your absence period.




For the self-employed the process tends to be more complicated. If you have an Accountant, then you should inform them about your accident and how much time that you have missed off work. For this period of time it’s imperative that you have kept a record of your orders, invoices and any contracts that couldn’t be completed as a result of your accident.


In order to calculate your loss of earnings as accurately as possible we would advise that you ask your Accountant to provide a detailed profit and loss accounts for at least 3 years before the accident so that the courts can make an appropriate decision about the amount of compensation you are due.


Calculating loss of earning from an accident can be confusing so it pays to obtain professional advice before making your claim. At HS Lawyers we have experienced injury law solicitors who can explain you all the processes involved when making an accident injury claim and guiding you to get the right amount of accident injury compensation. Our expert personal injury solicitors will also advise you on how to calculate and get your loss of earnings recovered when making a claim against the third party.

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