What you need to know about maintenance payments

What you need to know about maintenance payments

Not all parents are able to agree child maintenance payments when they divorce or separate. At HS Lawyers, we have vast experience when it comes to assisting people with matters relating to child maintenance. Currently, new claims for maintenance payments are managed by the CMS or Child Maintenance Service, and you can work out how much you or your former partner will be liable to pay by using the calculator at the government’s website.

If you are a non-resident parent earning up to £800 each week, you will need to pay 12% of your gross income if you have one child. You must pay 16% if you have two children and 19% if you have three or more children. Non-resident parents that earn between £800.01 and £3000 a week need to pay 9% for one child, 12% for two and 15% of their gross income for three or more. Liable parents on state benefits pay £7 per week, whilst those earning between £100 and £200 a week pay this same flat rate with an uplift. Payments may be reduced if your children stay with you for one or more nights per week.
Child maintenance is sometimes included in court orders made after divorces and dissolutions, although it is possible to apply for an assessment to be made after the order has been in place for one year. The court may still have the ability to determine child maintenance payments in some cases, for instance if costs are generated due to disabilities.

Family-based agreement
If you wish to come to a legal agreement on child maintenance, talk to HS Lawyers today. We can help you and your former partner come to an agree on payments, help you take action if payments are not being made and amend existing agreements. Coming to a family-based agreement is normally the swiftest and most affordable way of reaching a harmonious decision. You may need to pay extra charges and penalties if the CMS become involved in determining payments. The Courts may get involved if the partner that is liable to pay maintenance earns a substantial sum of money, and/or when they live overseas. You will normally need to pay child maintenance until your child reaches 16 years of age, but this can be extended up to 20 if they remain in full-time education. One of the reasons why you may wish to amend an existing agreement is the changing of financial circumstances.

How we can help
At HS Lawyers, we adopt an honest, helpful and firm approach when helping ex-partners reach agreements on maintenance payments. We can help you if you are negotiating child maintenance for the first time, need to amend an agreement or if you are unsatisfied with the service that you have received elsewhere. There can also be instances where a partner leaves and stop paying the bills, you can get in touch with HS Lawyers family law solicitors based in Wolverhampton, west Bromwich(Birmingham) and Peterborough where our family law solicitors would be happy to offer you personal and confidential advice related to any family law issues you require help with.

To speak to HS Lawyers about reaching a child maintenance agreement today, call on 0121 525 2555 / 3100. Alternatively, you can use the contact form on our website. We can also be found on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.