The most popular divorce questios and their answers

The most popular divorce questions and their answers.

What are the most popular divorce questions?

How much does a divorce cost is obviously a question we face all the time and this is largely dependent on the nature of the case, however, there are many more questions that we frequently get asked about divorces so here are the most popular:

Is there such thing as a ‘quickie’ divorce and can I get one?

This is easy to answer and we’re afraid it’s a no. All divorces must go through court and there is a due process and timeline that needs to be adhered to. This is sensible and appropriate because there clearly needs to be time for the divorcing couple to take stock and be absolutely sure that this is a step they want to take. Aside from financial settlements, a typical divorce usually takes between 4 and 6 months.

Do we have to attend court?

As long as you both agree to the divorce, the reason for the divorce and there are no complexities, then there should be no need to attend. The court can deal with divorce proceedings in your absence as long as all the necessary documents and paperwork have been put together. Clearly, if the divorce is contested in any way then you will need to attend.

Can we get a divorce because our marriage has run its course?

At the moment, the answer is still no. There have been many calls to introduce a ‘no-fault’ divorce arrangement but currently nothing has been passed in law. Divorce can only be sanctioned because of adultery, long-term separation of two years or more and you both agree to the divorce, separation for five years or more irrespective of agreement, unreasonable behaviour or desertion. This has been the cause for much debate with couples often at logger heads about who is to blame. No fault divorces would put a halt to this but until it has gone through legislation, one or more of the aforementioned reasons needs to be agreed.

Are financial settlements always split 50-50?

No, this is not the case. This is very often the most complex area of divorce law and many factors will need to be taken into consideration. Obtaining legal advice about financial matters in the event of a divorce is crucial.

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