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What are property searches and why are they important?

What are property searches and why are they important?

Property searches are usually undertaken by your Solicitor when buying a house. However, you may not realise the types of searches they carry out and why they are so important to the purchase. At HS Lawyers we have expert property law solicitors and licensed conveyancers who are experienced and can guide you from buying your first home to expanding your property portfolio. There are instances when people buying their first home through a help to buy scheme require assistance in understanding what are property searches,

Here is a quick guide.

There are three standard property searches which are undertaken and they are as follows;

Environmental Search

This property search is carried out to determine whether the land will be contaminated. The actual investigation is undertaken by a company who specialises in these types of searches. This is a very important search because it will help determine the future risk of contamination to the land that you are hoping to purchase. A property on contaminated land means it will be virtually impossible to sell.

Water Drainage Search

This is a standard property search which is carried out to check which sewer the property is connected to. However, it also helps determine if the property has a public or private water supply and the subsequent billing of water usage (including drainage).

Local Authority Search

When your Solicitor requests a local authority search, he will submit two forms. One part of the search is an LLC1 and the other is C0N29. Your Solicitor will normally submit both of these forms at the same time as the location plan.

Form LLC1 deals with the land charges register which provides information on whether the property is a listed building and whether there are any trees which are protected. It will also provide information on whether the property is in a smoke controlled area.

The C0N29 search is an extremely important search because it asks questions such as whether there are any road improvement schemes, tree preservation orders, planned enforcement action and compulsory purchase orders. This property search only relates to your property and not that of your neighbours.

All the above searches should be undertaken prior to the exchanging of contracts. If an issue does arise, it means you have the option to pull out of the sale.

Additional Searches

Other things your Solicitor will request from your seller’s conveyancer include rights of way, disputes and boundaries.

Whilst the above searches are the main searches, additional searches may also be carried out. These include mining searches which are normally carried out if the land has previously been used for mining. Another popular search is to check if your property is adjacent to common land or a rural area.

Your property conveyancer in birmingham or within your local area undertakes searches to protect you and your interests. Whilst the majority of searches have no issues, there are occasions when they will highlight issues which only serves to underline their importance.

If you commission your project to  experienced property solicitor , they will provide you with information with regard to any standard searches and additional searches that may be required. They are there to assist you and protect your interests and will happily answer any queries that you may have in relation to the searches.

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