We can deal with a variety of matters including:

  • Claims against public authorities
  • Property
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Professional Negligence
  • Debt recovery


Litigation is a method of resolving disputes among two parties which could either be an individual or companies.

We at HS Lawyers are capable of handling various aspects of your case ensuring you a favourable outcome with the best results. If you find yourself embroiled in a dispute then our team can assist and advice you in getting the matter resolved, be it making or defending a claim. We posses the requisite skills and experience in dealing with the matter on your behalf and if required issuing or defending proceedings at the courts of Law.

These type of matters require scrupulous examining of all risks involved such as paying the opponent’s legal costs should your claim fail.

Claims against public authorities
If you have been affected by decisions or actions taken by public authorities, causing loss or injury or any other effect we at HS Lawyers may be able to assist you. We have dedicated lawyers dealing with such matters and you can be confident of a thorough approach to your matter.

We have an experienced and qualified team of lawyers who can deal with disputes related to property. Whether you are seeking possession of your property, a dispute with a neighbour or mortgage company, we can assist you with providing legal advice and cost effective solutions. Please feel free to contact one of our legal advisors if you need to discuss any property related matter

Contractual Disputes
These type of matters include disputes related to consumer, debt recovery and business contract breaches. We ensure to take necessary action to resolve the matters by avoiding to getting to the stage of litigation but if it does we take utmost care to fully protect your position. If you have a dispute related to a contract then our litigation team can provide expert guidance.

Professional Negligence
Most professionals such as surveyors, doctors and building contractors owe a duty of care when conducting any work. In case they breach their duty they may be guilty of professional negligence. We at HS Lawyers have experience in dealing with such type of matters from establishing liability to issuing court proceedings. Should you have any matter you want to discuss feel free to contact our specialist team to advisors.

We have extensive experience in Civil Litigation matters with a variety of complex matters in Personal injury arising from Road Traffic accidents, industrial disease, slips and trips and accidents at work. We pride ourselves on our expertise and excellent level of service. With our offices located in the Midlands and East of England, we cater our clients locally and nationally yet retaining the personal touch with our existence mainly on high streets.

You can contact our team of civil litigation solicitors and we will ensure your matter is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

Debt Recovery

We work for businesses of all sizes and will deal with any level of debt. We also tailor our advice to ensure that clients can determine when to pursue and indeed not pursue outstanding debts.

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