Top 10 Tips When Buying Your First House

Tips when buying your first house

Top 10 Tips When Buying Your First House

Buying your first house is probably one of the biggest financial commitments that your will ever make in your life time, therefore it is very important to follow a few basic tips to ensure that your new home is right for you and your individual needs.


  1. Location

The location of any new property is particularly important – is it near to the shops? Are there good transport links? Are there good schools nearby? Whilst these may seem like obvious questions, you would be surprised how many people leap first, without considering these fairly obvious points. Costs can quickly add up if you don’t have access to transport networks – you might fall in love with a property, but could you manage extra costs? Think with your head and not your heart when making decisions which could affect your long term finances. Make sure that you only use the best property conveyancer in Birmingham to help with any house purchase.

  1. Storage Space

This is important, particularly if you have a family – look at how much available storage space there is in each room and if you could easily add storage space at a later date. Check the kitchen too, because you may find that the space available is not suitable – in many cases this can be resolved but you need to decide whether you would be prepared to resolve it or whether it wouldn’t work for your own needs.

  1. Structurally Sound?

It is important to consider whether the property is structurally sound – look out for any issues with the structure of the property, including the roof. Ask the estate agent if there are any known problems or issues and carefully look at windows and walls for issues with rising damp. Another important consideration is the roof – have there ever been any issues and when was it last maintained? It may help to take someone with you who knows what to look out for. Never worry about asking these questions to the agent or owners. If you do put an offer in, always get a survey carried out before completion. The basic survey will not reveal major problems, and by spending a little bit more by having a full survey undertaken, could save you money in the long run.

  1. How Big Are the Rooms?

It is important to check the size of each room in order to determine whether they are suited to your needs. Space is paramount and if your furniture doesn’t fit, you will need to decide whether the property is suited to you. Think about all the things that you would potentially be bringing to your new home and try to envisage where everything would be positioned. You will need to decide whether the home is large enough to accommodate all of your belongings and if it is smaller than you had imagined, could you make a compromise?

  1. Is There an Attic?

An attic provides extra storage, however it can also add value to your home if you decide to open it up and make it into an extra bedroom. Having the option to do this will add space and make it more appealing to future buyers, should you decide to sell at a later date.

  1. Which Way Does the House Face?

The position of the garden may not be an issue for some people, however those who love to garden and who worship the sun, may not be entirely happy with a north facing property. A north facing property means that you will have less light in the property, whilst a south facing property is a gardeners dream and means that light will flood in to the rooms for most of the day.

  1. Is The Property Sound Proofed?

This may not be an issue if your neighbours happen to be fairly quiet or if the property is semi, or semi-detached. However, you would be surprised at how quickly sound can travel, and even a television at a reasonable level can often become a nuisance. Many properties are sound proofed, however, it is relatively easy to have sound proofing installed – it is another cost that you would need to consider, and you would need to decide whether the extra cost is worth it.

  1. Immediate Area / Local Community

What is the immediate area and local community like? Does it appear to be friendly? Is there a Church or Pub for relaxation? Some areas have a fantastic local vibe, however, others may not be as vibrant. Speak to neighbours or others that know the area and get a feel about the local community.

  1. Heating

How is the property heated? Is there gas central heating or is it heated by oil? Are there any wood burners? These questions are important because oil is significantly more expensive than gas and will make a difference to the cost of heating your new home. Whilst you can take steps to reduce the cost of heating, there is little competition when it comes to oil. Some properties also have a Calor gas tank which requires a delivery of gas – this can be more expensive.

  1. Negotiate

If you really love the property, don’t be afraid to negotiate! If there are issues with the property which can be rectified, try to ensure that this is reflected in the price and make an offer. Your estate agent will help you in this regard, but never be afraid to put in a sensible offer that takes in to account any issues that need resolving.

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